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Another Gospel Preacher Received His Reward

   While this tribute is a few weeks overdue, its sentiment remains very present. On May 13, the soul of brother DARREL HAUB departed his body and entered the care of God in eternity. As with Abel of old, “he being dead yet speaketh.” (Hebrews 11: 4)

   I first met Darrel many years ago when he was asked to preach a gospel meeting with the Midtown Church of Christ, Bedford, IN. Brother Dean Jackson was working with Midtown at the time, and brother Clarence Fell was working with Oolitic. The four of us met on a day of that effort to visit and share a meal. That meager beginning started lasting respect and friendship with all of us. I have a picture of those three together on the pulpit at Midtown.

   Darrel was working with the Pekin Church of Christ, Pekin, IN at that time, and continued to do so for several years. He and brother Steve Smith, then of Westside Church of Christ, Salem, IN, worked together on a daily call-in radio program that permitted the listeners to call in with their bible questions, which in turn these preachers answered with God’s word. When Steve was unable to be with Darrel, it was my honor to work with Darrel in that effort, (and likewise with Steve.) Later on, Darrel became an elder at Pekin and our respect and friendship continued to strengthen.

   His health became very critical with a heart issue that resulted in very serious surgery. He was weeks in the hospital, and weeks more recovering at his home near Bordon, IN. I enjoyed seeing his welcoming smile when I’d stop to visit with him and his loving wife Jean. I never was in Darrel’s presence without his smile, his humor, his wisdom, and his fervent prayers being a genuine part of our conversation!

   On Saturday, May 22, I attended the memorial service for Darrel, conducted at the Pekin Church of Christ. His son-in-law, brother Joe Work, did a splendid job in describing Darrel’s life-long labors in the Lord’s service. His mention of Darrel’s “favorite verse” rings in my mind as I reflect on that message. Joe explained that John 3:16 was frequently the subject material for Darrel’s sermons. In one of the last sermon preparations Darrel ever wrote, Darrel recorded this question in a study of John 3:16: “Jesus gave us all because of His love for us. Do we love Him enough to give our all to Him?” What a powerful sermon that is, and one Darrel preached fervently by his life’s example.

   I muse on men like Darrel and their valued place in my life and the lives of others! I thank God for men like him, and pray I am one of them!