Mike’s Musings …       

Do You Have a Porch Swing?

  Among my physical therapists, several have asked, “Do you have a porch swing?” I replied we did but didn’t understand why they would ask. One explained that one of the things I could do was swing my leg back and forth as I sat in the swing, thereby exercising it with greater vigor and enjoyment than what they put me through during these sessions.  Though I still haven’t done it (I can’t use my computer and swing at the same time!) I’ve mused about it with great delight.

   The only porch swing I ever really enjoyed was the one at my grandmother’s house. There was always a wonderful breeze beneath that old maple tree, and it made her porch comfortable on even the hottest of days. We’d share the swing and talk about so many wonderful things. Even in my adult years, we’d share that swing and so very gentle back and forth. She had a “post leg” as the result of a traffic wreck (her knee joint had been removed) so she had only one good leg by which to propel the swing. It sat rather low to the floor, but that didn’t matter. After swinging, I would tie it to the porch post to keep the wind from whipping it and perhaps breaking the window that was to the inside of that swing.

   After her death, we gave the swing to my mother, and after her death, it was mine. It has long since met its demise, but I’m still mindful of the hours I’ve devoted to that old swing and the sermons that originated while sitting ‘neath the shade and relaxing.

   Such a time ought not be too far from our reach – ever! Paul told Timothy, “Meditate upon these things.” (1 Timothy 4:15) Give time to thinking! If an old porch swing contributes to that exercise, then use it! (In later years, mowing my yard serves me well!) In today’s world, we don’t purposely take the time to sit and swing and TALK. We’re in too much of a hurry and have accumulated too many things to occupy our time.  Consequently, we don’t have things figured out well, we’re all “keyed up” and we can’t remember what it is to THINK.

     In other words, take the time to “muse.” The word means, “to become absorbed in thought, especially to think about something carefully and thoroughly.” God’s word demands it, and there is nothing of greater value upon which to muse. Yes, I miss my grandmother’s company in that old swing. But I also value her teaching me to consistently muse upon God’s word!