Mike’s Musings …

Good Habits Are Improvements

   From childhood, most of us were taught, “Get in the habit of …” From the first “paying” job I had (sacking groceries as a carry-out) I was told, “Get in the habit of thanking every customer for their business and remind them to come again.” When I worked construction, the foreman demanded, “Get in the habit of cleaning your area before you leave for the day.” As a mechanic, my father-in-law taught me, “Get in the habit of cleaning every tool before you return it to the box.” As a Bible student, I was taught, “Get in the habit of taking notes, recording sermon ideas, and studying at least a chapter every day.” All of these “habits” increased knowledge, skill, and refinement of the work, regardless of the profession! And the habits still exist!

   Further, once formed, “good habits” are just as difficult to break as “bad habits.” Yet, there is a marked difference between the two: GOOD habits improve oneself and those with whom you associate, while BAD habits result in detriment of both you and your associates. One leads to success and the other to ruin. Yet, both courses are “habit-forming” and result in a “second nature” of life. (Consult 1 Corinthians 15:33)

   What is habitual for one is not always habitual for another, and no habit should be developed simply because someone is inclined to that action. Each soul must fashion itself after the divine pattern of Christ Jesus (1 Peter 2:21) and develop habits that are righteous in His sight. When GOOD habits become “second nature” to the Christian, then growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ improves with daily renewal (2 Peter 3:18; 2 Corinthians 4:16). Further, such habits create a “mental disturbance” when not engaged. Yes, it is “righteous” to become “addicted” to righteous things! (Consult 1 Corinthians 16: 15 – 16).

   I muse of the habits we form from our youth up. Some things are mere “custom” and have little if any value for the increasing of righteousness in our lives. Those habits we form from the urgent desire to please God, however, strengthen our faith, for they are formed by obedience to His word. The more one reads, studies, learns, and obeys, the more habitual these things become in our daily lives, and the stronger we become as God’s children! What are your righteous habits? Have they become “second nature” to you? Are you improving daily in your service for Him? You can, you know. Just make it your HABIT to be HABITUALLY ADDICTED TO HIM!