Mike’s Musings …

Happy Birthday, United States

   The most simplistic answer to “How old is the United States” is 246 years old. It was on July 4, 1776, that the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Second Continental Congress, thus officially changing thirteen original colonies into a sovereign nation. Since then, an additional thirty-seven states comprise the totality of this great nation. Statistically, the United
States is the fifth oldest Republic, albeit our founders did not make us a republic, but a “democratic republic.” While it has had its desperate times, it enjoys freedom unlike any other nation on earth! We are free to carry, read, study, and obey God’s word without penalty. We are free to worship God as God sees fit to be worshipped. We are free to pray, sing, preach and teach God’s truth at any time in any place. And yes, the citizens of this country are free to ignore the righteousness of God and His word if they so choose.

   History plainly shows our founding fathers thanked the God of heaven for the privilege of being a country free from tyranny and autocracy. They used God’s word, the Bible, as not merely a “textbook” but as their law book and carefully crafted both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with God’s authority in mind. They revered it so highly that those promising to state only the truth, placed their hand on the Bible as proof of their fear of God’s wrath should they lie! Those convicted of lying under oath were put to death for their crimes, just as God’s law to Moses spoke. They recognized the necessary separation of church and state, realizing God’s kingdom is vastly superior to any kingdom man may rule or in which man may dwell. Indeed, this country was founded with the right to worship God as God sees fit to be worshipped.

   I know of no place on earth I’d rather live! But I also muse on the reality there is so much more to do in this country to convince souls of God’s truth! We must not grow weary in doing well (Galatians 6:9; 1 Thessalonians 3:13). Let us stand as bright lights in this world (Matthew 5:14 – 16) so that those around us may see our good works and glorify God! Muse on the thought the duration of this nation may well be because of the godliness that remains; godliness that always supersedes wickedness! Let us that have obeyed God’s truth remain diligent in our faithfulness to Him. Perhaps such faithfulness will permit a bit longer time for others to come to God’s truth, and find that while this nation is great, God’s kingdom is greater, and it is ETERNAL!