Mike’s Musings …       

It’s That Holly, Jolly Time of Year Again

   It is never wrong to say, “Season’s greetings” to someone; even if it’s summertime! We truly wish the best of every season to everyone we meet. It is never wrong to cheer others with gifts of various sorts. It’s called generosity, love, kindness, and thoughtfulness – terms that show our attention to others. Also, it is always the right time to wish others a “holly, jolly” time! When I was living with Dad and Mom, there were two holly trees in the front yard. They were green and alive the entire year around! That’s the meaning of the phrase: “Have a holly, jolly day.” Therefore, it’s a greeting that is appropriate for every season and every day!

   Let me assure you that Nancy and I wish every one of you a “holly, jolly season” now and always! You brethren at Orleans are our “local family” and we love you! You brethren and friends who are not a part of Orleans because you live some distance from us, are also our “family” and though we don’t see you often, you are ever present in our hearts! We love you too!

   I muse on the sentiment of this particular season of the year. Commercialization, like at other times of the year, has banished what used to be “holly and jolly” for all. It places burdens on the less fortunate as they endeavor to at least present something of value to their family members, even though they can’t afford to do so. And think of those who, because of no fault of their own, are left alone and nearly forgotten while others enjoy the blessings of family and friends. Their “holly, jolly” season will simply have to wait if indeed it should ever arrive! Sure, that can be changed by someone who cares just stopping by or calling to say, “Have a holly, jolly day!”

   The greatest of living and happy seasons is found when a soul is alive and happy in Christ Jesus (Colossians 3: 1- 17). What a wondrous world it would be if we could convince every soul of that truth! Too many seek life and happiness in worldly things, and eventually find themselves disappointed when that life and fun lasted but for a short time! Life and happiness in Christ are eternal if we remain faithful unto death (Revelation 2:10: 14:13). Why souls desire temporal over spiritual remains a mystery to me. I’d much prefer to be alive and happy for eternity than for a few years in this world at best!

   So, to each of you who read this musing, I wish you a “holly, jolly season” but not just for now – may it be “holly and jolly” throughout your life! And may that life and happiness be yours because you have obeyed and continue to obey Christ Jesus! That’s the best of the best and the happiest of the happy!