Heartiest Congratulations


Best Wishes!

   This is the season of graduation! Graduates of every level of education are donning caps and gowns, honor cords for academic excellence, and smiles of satisfaction for their accomplishments. College-level graduates hopefully now find employment that will permit their obtained skills to be evaluated and proven. High school graduates hopefully either enter some employment or continue their education, focusing on “fine-tuning” their abilities into profitable lifetime skills. Eighth-grade graduates sense heightened confidence as they leave what most considered “basic educational training” for the more rigorous educational training called high school. Even kindergarten graduates are now promoted to the first of elementary grades where their tender years mature with proper guidance.

   STEVEN CASE, a faithful member of the Lord’s church at Orleans, has achieved exceptionally high honors throughout his educational years including the National Honor Society and other high academic achievements. On May 19, he is to receive his diploma from Mitchel High School. He intends to pursue an engineering degree from the University of Evansville. But he has achieved even greater honors in the service of Christ Jesus. Steven is a marvelous song leader here at Orleans, having begun developing this skill some eight years ago. He leads us in prayer, serves at the Lord’s table, publicly reads the scriptures, and has presented a great lesson to the congregation. His departure from us for college will be much more than a “conspicuous” absence, but we do wish him well in these endeavors!

   I muse on the reality of such events by thinking of an old country song, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” Yes, someone will because someone must! Let’s prepare ourselves for increasing ourselves in the work of our Lord! Most of us aren’t leaving; we’ve graduated all we’re going to graduate! Therefore, let’s use the talents we have, strengthening them by rightful use in our Lord’s service!