While I did take time to get a haircut this morning, the intentions of the day certainly changed to other needed matters. A preacher called asking for some help as he prepared for a funeral. Another friend called informing me she had saved several old books for me as well as CDs of deceased preachers. A third friend called just to chat a bit. And yet another friend asked me to proofread an article he had written. (The mere fact he asked me to proofread has taken me aback!) While many might think such as needless interruptions to an already filled schedule of demands, I mused about the honor of these several requests!

   They could have called someone else, but they called me! The friend preparing to assist in a funeral had searched for a statement that has long been considered “scriptural,” and couldn’t find it. The reason? It isn’t scripture, but rather a phrase that has been used so often it has been considered God’s Word. (Glad he felt free to check it out!) The other is being very generous with materials that she feels either I or another can use for the study of God’s word. The third felt I needed to know about his health and asked me to keep him in my prayers. What an honor to know he thinks highly enough of me to request prayers on his behalf! And then the preacher who asked me to proofread his article: what an honor to read his thoughts, and to think me capable of improving it! (I only fixed some typos for him! It’s a great article!)

   Someone once said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Yes, it always takes time to help, but rather than complain about the request, think how blessed you are they asked you instead of someone else! They thought you possessed the skill needed to help them when they could not help themselves! Isn’t that what we’re doing when we ask God for various blessings? We’re asking HIM to help US because we cannot help OURSELVES in various situations!

   Now, which of us should decline such requests? Read Luke 111: 9 – 13 before you answer! Regardless of how “busy” we might be, there should never be a time when we’re “too busy” to help with spiritual concerns. God notes our labors of love (Hebrews 6:10) and being ready to answer any man with a reason of our hope is commanded of us (1 Peter 3:15). So yes, we’re busy: but never too busy to be about our Father’s business!