Mike’s Musings …           

It Got “Infected”

   If you have endeavored to visit our website lately, you have encountered a problem: “This page cannot be found” shows up and you are unable to go any farther. Believe me when I tell you this is as frustrating to me as it is to you! Through the years, hundreds have visited the site in search of Bible study material, and we’ve remained diligent in trying to keep it righteous in all respects, “user-friendly” and updated. But lately, we’ve encountered some problems that we don’t know how to fix and so contacted an expert in this area who has promised to check into it and endeavor to correct all the errors, returning it to a very workable condition.

   He told me today, “You’ve been severely hacked.” I know what that means regarding social media, but I never heard of it with a website. The thought occurred to me that it doesn’t matter how sophisticated technology might be, somebody somewhere has a way of ruining your work, i.e., “hacking” your work! Not only does it keep others from accessing your work and thus sharing in the study, but it also keeps the one trying to maintain the good works from being able to access those needed tools. It is as if the “infection” spread so violently, and quickly, it “killed” it and destroyed all evidence of good things!

   I muse about how akin to sin this “infection” of “hacking” is for souls! Only an expert can correct that soul whose life is so infected as to be dead in trespasses and sin. (Ephesians 2:1) That expert will “charge” you, just as the computer expert will charge me. But Christ only “charges” you with repentance from the dead works, and obedience to the gospel for a lifetime! (Colossians 3:1-17; Galatians 2:20; Romans 6: 1- 6; et al). Yes, He paid the price for our sins (redemption – 1 Peter 1:18 – 25), but it is our responsibility to obey Him throughout our life (Revelation 2:1-10; 2 Peter 1: 1 – 11; et al). The “infection” of sin won’t get better until it is eradicated by the Expert – Jesus Christ!

     It took some searching to find a computer expert willing to return my calls and actually “take over” my computer for an examination. But it only takes going to your Bible, reading, studying, learning, and obeying to find Christ! Need help in doing so? Contact us – as they say, “we’ve been there, done that” and are willing to show you how to get rid of your infection of sin and be whole in Him. Muse on that blessing and don’t delay in utilizing the opportunity to be spiritually whole!