Mike’s Musings …

It’s Been a Tough Week

   Heartache comes to all of us; but when it is personal, it affects us with increased attention to our emotions. This past week, news of two dear friends has come to my attention with sadness.

   PHYLLIS JUNE HENDRICKS, known to most who knew her as “June”, died during the early hours of August 24. Frankly, I can’t remember NOT knowing June, her husband DON, and their children (now adults) Jeff, Susie, and Tim. Their family and ours became well acquainted in the early 1950s when my parents lived in Bloomington for Dad to do his grad work, and more, through our association during gospel meetings when Dad was preaching. We’ve been in each other’s homes more than we could count. June was an avid bible student and admittedly, she challenged me often! I appreciated her study habits as well as her insistence on “Let’s prove that.”

   NANCY CULVER THOMAS is still living as I write this musing, but only physically. This past Wednesday, she suffered a major aneurysm at the base of her brain. The skilled doctors informed her husband, Ron, that they can do no more, and that she is completely within God’s hands. I first met Ron and Nancy during a gospel meeting in Glendale, AZ.  nearly twenty years ago. Nancy and Ron had brought Nancy’s mother to live with them and worked selling antiques. By the time I saw them again, they had adopted two of their grandchildren, Zack, and Alice. She asked me to write a forward for a book of poetry she’d written. Our friendship and fellowship have increased immeasurably through these years! It is difficult for me to admit the phone will ring at some time, the voice informing me she is gone.

   I muse on such acquaintances that become “members of the family”. I treasure the good memories, experiences, and examples. I pray I have and will continue to give to their families the love and respect they have showered upon me. And yes, I beg God to deal gently with their souls, comfort those of their families who remain, and help us all to make our calling and election sure (2 Peter 1:1 – 11). I know these precious women of God helped make me stronger in the faith, and I thank them for that persuasion! Now, as we remain to do God’s will, may He provide us with a measure of the same fortitude to be faithful unto death (Revelation 2:10; 14:13).