Mike’s Musings …

It’s Got a New Look

   Old dogs CAN learn new tricks … with a lot of help from a lot of reliable people and sources. Thanks to SHAWN STICKELS, and the advantage of multiple YouTube tutorials, our website has taken on a newer look and, prayerfully, an easier means of navigation for the users. We’ve been working on this for several years, but only in the last month have we learned enough to put some of these changes into reality. We hope the users will find the materials helpful to their continued study of God’s Word!

   Please take note that the audio links on every page will need to be updated, and we are working on that every day. It takes a bit of time to change the format but once done, the user needs only to click the play button and the audio should accompany the PowerPoint presentation (if available.) We might also change the format of the PowerPoint presentations, but that again will take a few days.

   All this work has caused me to muse on the many “tools” we have in teaching the gospel to others. Some fifty-five years ago when I started preaching, I was leery of using even a chalkboard. As time passed, I began to see the value of overhead projectors as a visual aide in teaching, and since have learned the value of PowerPoint in both teaching and preaching. None of these tools are unscriptural: the Lord used visual illustrations in many of His lessons. Unfortunately, as with other such tools, some have used them for entertainment instead of truthful preaching and teaching. But for those of us intent on simply preaching/teaching God’s truth, the modern WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) only compliments the ability for others to learn.

Even then, as one preacher aptly stated, “If you can’t preach or teach without it, then don’t use the tool!”

     With the use of the website, literally hundred of souls can find scriptural material to enhance their study of God’s word. I muse on how wonderful it is to easily find sermons preached by the older generation, articles that help me learn more regarding a variety of subjects, and benefit from the diligent study of other wise minds. Yet, I further muse on the greatest value of all: God’s word itself! While I might be learning more about building a website, I dare not ever forget how to build up my faith. (Romans 10:17) With or without the internet, I must have God’s word dwelling in me richly in all wisdom. (Colossians 3:16) Without that knowledge, and obedience to it, nothing else matters!!