Mike’s Musings …

It’s Nearly Summertime Again

   It seems but a few weeks ago we were experiencing snow in late spring, and now the temperatures prove summertime is very near. With summertime comes heat, and often with heat comes immodesty! Yep, it’s that time of year again! So, as a reminder to all Christians, let’s remember “modesty” literally means, “NOT bringing attention to oneself.” (From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance: orderly, that is, decorous: - of good behavior, properly clean, that is, [figuratively] innocent, perfect: - chaste, clean, pure.)

   The “red-neck” translation would be “Keep your clothes on” regarding modesty! Frankly, that would be wise advice for both men and women. At my age, nakedness is more frightening than exciting anyway! Besides, 1 Corinthians 7:1 – 4 tells us the husband belongs to his wife, and the wife belongs to her husband: no one else! Thus, to parade oneself in an immodest fashion is to display what should be reserved for the spouse, and in doing so, helps prevent immoral adulterous thoughts (Matt. 5:28). It simply is wrong to entice others to sin (Ephesians 5: 1- 21).

   But there is more to modesty than staying appropriately attired. Remember, it means, “NOT bringing attention to oneself.” Some folks demand attention in a variety of ways, but all for the same reason: they want to be noticed. In fact, such folks of this type of immodest demeanor are offended if they don’t get the attention they seek! These are the ones that present themselves as “just a little better” or “just a bit more important” than others – and they aren’t a bit different from those they step on! These souls have a great deal of difficulty accepting the humility of Romans 12 and certainly do what they can to avoid Philippians 2:3. Such refusal presents a naked soul, instead of one clothed in the humility of Christ Jesus.

   I muse on why we need reminders like this every summer … and throughout the year. Could it be that souls, including Christians, tend to think themselves “exempted” from God’s rules of behavior? As God’s children, we are obligated to bring Him honor, glory, and praise. How does seeking attention for ourselves in any realm of life bring Him the attention? If Colossians 3:17 means anything at all, it means we need the authority of Christ to say or do anything within our lives. That would include being modest in all things – demeanor and attire! With that said, let’s have a profitable MORAL summer!