Mike’s Musings …

It Took a LOT of Walking!!

   This past week, Nancy and I took our grandson to visit Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. (It, a NASCAR racetrack, and going go-karting were on his list!) We planned for it and purchased tickets to the Arch and a leisurely ride on the Mississippi aboard a stern-wheeler. (They didn’t let me in the wheelhouse, much to my chagrin!) The brochures said, “Parking is close …” and we purchased a parking pass within the “nearest” parking tower. Well, we learned “near” must be a relative term! It was about a mile walk from the parking tower to the Arch. When we finally arrived at the Arch, there were some 250 steps (round trip) to board the tram, journey on to the top of the Arch, then return. Then we added another mile to the riverboat. Remember, you have to reverse all that walking to get back to the car! Our daughter-in-law and grandson graciously went the extra mile (literally) and brought the car to us! In all, Nancy and I walked at least four miles … and they close to five!

   Needless to say, it took a few days for us older folks to stretch out the sore muscles and start walking well again! Oh yes, making the trip up and down the ramps, climbing all the steps, etc. was very difficult for us, and it hurt! At times, we wondered if we’d make it, and truthfully, gave some thought to quitting! But when finished, what wonderful memories we’d made! Without exception, we wouldn’t have missed a step of that trip! Being with our grandson and his mother was a blessing! Pain goes away, but those loving moments with them endure with us forever!

   So it is with our journey to heaven! It may seem long and difficult at times, but there isn’t a single step that our Lord misses with us: and there shouldn’t be a step we miss with Him! I muse on the thousands of steps we’ve taken from our starting places to where we are … and note as well the unknown distance ahead of us. Can we make it? YES! Philippians 4:13 assures us of His help and care. Painful? At times: but who would change a step of the journey when we realize with Whom we travel and the reasons for that loving companionship? Keep walking toward the goal. Never look back! Never doubt the help that walks with you! And when you just have to rest a while, know He’s coming for you!!!