Mike’s Musings …

Make It an Adventure, Not a Chore

   Recently, a friend shared the fact they have no choice but to sort through a multiplicity of materials, sorting them into “keep and trash” and the reality each piece has an attached memory that makes the decision more difficult. Several of us “collectors of historical memorabilia” have experienced this necessity and have expressed both frustration and surprise. The difference is in how they approach the procedure. It is easier and more enjoyable if you approach it as an adventure instead of a chore!

   The same is true of Bible study. One of the best ways to absorb the narrative of God’s word is to “put yourself into the story.” For example, as you read the life of Christ, choose a character that traveled with Him, learned of Him, obeyed Him. Would your reception of His words and deeds be different than the ones of whom you read? How would you have conducted yourself before others who for fear of the Jews denied association with Him? Remember, you now have “the rest of the story” in your hands … does that influence how you would have acted in the presence of Jesus and/or those whom He encountered?

   Likewise, when endeavoring to find answers to difficult passages or questions, do you diligently search the scriptures with adventure, or do you think it too much a chore and either dismiss your inquiry as “it does not matter,” or “I will just ask someone and take their word for the answer?” One is an adventure, and the other is avoiding both the labor and joy of searching the scriptures!

   Frankly, Bible study should never be considered a “chore” but rather an adventure into the deep riches of God’s knowledge and wisdom (Romans 11: 33 – 36). There is no shame in admitting you don’t know the answer to a question; the same is in not desiring to know; and not caring enough to diligently seek Him and the answer (Hebrews 11:6; 2 Peter 1: 1- 11). It is adventurous to those who truly care about God’s word! It is exciting to share the greatness of walking and talking with the prophets, the great leaders like Moses, Joshua, John the baptizer. It is rewarding to spend time with Peter, James, John, Paul, Luke, Silas, Timothy, and others of renown orderliness in the Lord’s service. Indeed, I muse on the wealth of adventure in such study and find it the greatest journey one’s soul will ever encounter! It is protected as well, for the Father said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Make your study, yea, your life with Him, an adventure and never a chore!