Mike’s Musings ….

Musing About Mom

    May 5 marked the seventh anniversary of my mother’s passing from this life into eternity. She was a wonderful mother! She raised five children and cared meticulously for her loving husband. She was extremely supportive of our goals, provided they were righteous goals; she was equally antagonistic if those goals were foolish endeavors. Proverbs 31: 10 – 31 is an apt description of my mother, and I’m not ashamed to declare that admonition! Today, on the day our nation celebrates mothers, an emotion of melancholy floods my heart – it is the seventh anniversary of her funeral.

   As it had been with Dad fourteen years earlier in June, Mom’s funeral was on a Saturday. At his funeral, one of the brethren who also served as a pall-bearer said to me, “Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day. Your dad was to speak for us. Can we expect you to do so in his stead?” I responded with agreement and preached that following Lord’s Day at Graysville, OH. Mom was with me and on the way said, “This is what the Lord would have you to do!” She was right!

   Following Mom’s funeral, we returned home and I preached at Orleans that next morning. It was emotional, without question! But as Nancy drove us to the meeting house she said, “This is what the Lord would have you to do!” She was right!

   Did you notice that neither Mom nor Nancy said, “This is what Dad or Mom would have you to do” but rather, “This is what the Lord would have you to do!” Most think it was Dad that encouraged me to preach; he got me started, but it was Mom who continued to encourage me, correct me, take me to appointments before I could drive myself, and carefully critique me! Her meek and quiet spirit was then and is now of great price (cf. 1 Peter 3:4). She knew her Bible well and fiercely defended its truth!

   How fortunate we are to have had mothers who are diligent in the rearing of their children. Oh yes, there were times we disappointed her: but never was Mom beyond our reach when through her righteousness, she pierced our consciences with truth and persuaded our repentance. Afterward, we received her loving arms of acceptance! Indeed, such mothers as far above rubies in value! Paul commanded we honor our father and mother … and the commandment has no time limit! You see, parents who are or have been very faithful in training their children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6) are the ones responsible for teaching us truth and righteousness. It is our responsibility to follow that righteous direction and thus teach our children to do the same! Yes, Hebrews 11:4 applies to righteous parents as well!