Mike’s Musings …..

Rebuilding the Floor

   As I write, I muse. Presently, two men are rebuilding the foundation and floor of my shed. It’s really Nancy’s shed. She keeps things in there that she uses only seasonally. It also houses at least four heavy trunks that contain my “historical memorabilia”.  Anyway … the old shed was overloaded on the back wall, and the floor gave way. The carpenters are doing a good job repairing it, and even leveling the entire building!

   It got me thinking about our “spiritual storage buildings,” aka. our minds. Are they filled with useful items that perchance we use only seasonally, but count them as necessary items, or are they filled with heavy “junk” that we retain simply because we’re too stubborn to trash them? (Yes, I’ve recently completed the culling of my home office materials. Many items I once felt were “priceless” to me are now in a landfill!) Our minds need a good “sorting out” from time to time, or the heaviness of the materials could break through the floor and ruin the valuable things!

   The outward appearance of my old shed is fine: good roof, solid sides, and the doors are fine. But the foundation of it gave way, causing the floor to drop, the walls to buckle, the level to go crazy and even the doors were difficult to open or close! The same is true of our souls: with too much “junk” in our minds, the foundation can’t survive! Notice Paul’s statement of this foundation:  “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” (2 Timothy 2:19) That last sentence means, “Get rid of the junk … ALL of it!” Otherwise, the foundation will crumble and you lose it all!

   I muse on the simplicity of God’s Word. Through the years, mankind has endeavored to add a lot of “junk” that just gets heavier and heavier, eventually weakening the foundation, and ultimately ruining the structure that once housed only the valued truth of God! We don’t need the things of man to “compliment” the Lord’s word, or His church! We just need the valued Word of God! Maybe it’s time to unload the “spiritual storage shed” of our lives of its accumulated stuff, eliminate the stress on the floor and foundation, and level our souls back into the righteous condition they were when we first obeyed the gospel! We must stop holding on to the past and live for our Master day by day according to HIS will! Muse on that fact!