This past week has been very busy! That’s not a complaint, but it is an admission of having to change schedules at a moment’s notice to accommodate the unexpected necessities of the day. “Flexibility” is an absolute necessity in the life of a gospel preacher’s schedule. Yet, when the day is complete, and you reflect on the activities, there’s something very comforting to know you’ve done your best to help those in need, and given God the best of your service.

   It’s been a week of dear memories as well. Dad and Mom would have celebrated birthdays this past week. Though Dad has been gone nearly twenty-one years, and Mom seven, reflections of them fill my mind each day. It is as if they continue their encouragement toward the work of the Lord at my hands, and from time to time “critique” me saying, “If it doesn’t please God, it doesn’t matter if it pleases those in the audience.” That’s a strong reflection!

   Then there was the surprise finding of recorded sermons preached nearly five years ago! I read the titles on the CD and can remember the intention of the sermon; but reflecting on it, I truly don’t remember all of the content. I haven’t listened to them yet, but in doing so when time permits (usually while driving) I’m sure there will be an additional reflection on the sermons. Oh, how I pray I preached the sermons with exactness from God’s word!

   At the close of every day, I’ve developed a “habit” of getting home, sitting in my chair, (always putting it in “racing gear” – head back and feet extended!) and reflect on the day’s activities. Truthfully, some are better than others; some are more stressful than others; some are more enjoyable than others. But with each day, there are reflections of the activities. With those reflections comes the acknowledgment of success or failure! You can’t have a “do-over” with the day: once gone, it’s gone! If the reflections generate knowledge of failure, it can (and does) keep you from sleeping well that night! Likewise, if the reflections generate knowledge of success, those are some of the most peaceful nights of slumber a soul enjoys! It’s all contingent on how well you’ve used the day God has given us!

   So I muse, what value is there in a “wasted” day, or a day of “mediocracy”? There are as many hours in a GOOD day as there are in a “bad” day: and the difference is usually in how well one uses the time allotted for each day! Doesn’t it make sense to devote every day to doing GOOD, (including the development of your attitude toward the requirements 0f the day) and accomplish that goodness? It sure makes for better reflections at the end of the day! Muse on that reality!