Mike’s Musings …..

Remembering 9 -11

   It was a Tuesday morning. For unremembered reasons, I was still at home at 8:00 that morning and was watching NBC news. Still taking my time, I was getting ready to leave for Bloomington when I heard Matt Laurer and Katie Couric, stunned and stammering, announce the crashing of an airplane into one of the Twin Towers. Stunned, I stayed at home, watching the news, for another hour or so, and in that time, witnessed the second crashing of a hijacked airplane crash into the second tower. I had to go to work, and at that time knowing nothing about how to watch the news on my computer, kept the radio tuned to the news. My mother called just as I arrived at the church building, and was crying in fear. “What’s happening? I don’t understand! Is this the end of the world?” I tried to calm her, but being 300 miles away, and having only the phone to use, calming Mom wasn’t easy. I assured her this was not the end of the world (1 Cor. 15:52) but was an attack on our country. She was only fourteen when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. She remembered her fear from that time; this was worse! Within the next two hours, two more terrorist attacks and the collapse of the Twin Towers would change our world forever!

  For several months following 9-11-01, churches of Christ saw tremendous growth in attendance. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Apparently, the shock and awe of these attacks became more “matter of fact” than the warning to prepare to meet thy God (Amos 4:12). How I pray it will not require another 9-11 to awaken the souls of men and women to the obedience of the gospel – but how I also realize the greatest growth of the Lord’s church has been during extreme persecution (see Acts through Revelation.) Then again, God has given us all the warnings He intends to give us through His word. Will man ever learn to fear God and keep HIS commandments? I pray so!

  I muse on how surreal the occasion of 9-11-01 remains; and how shocking it is to our youthful ones who see the video of this truth for the first time! But I muse more on the reality of hundreds of souls who seemingly express no fear, no preparedness, no concern for the Lord’s return (Revelation 1:7; Hebrews 9:28; et al). Maybe it’s because there is no video of such an event. There was fair warning of 9-11 and few took it seriously until after its fruition. Friend, there’ll be no video of the Lord’s return! We’ve been warned, and we’ve been granted time to prepare. Once that day comes (Acts 17:31) it will transpire with such speed and accuracy that we’ll immediately know if the Lord said to us, “Come ye blessed,” or “Depart ye cursed.” Therefore, I continue to muse on the lessons learned from 9-11, and even more from the reading, studying and acceptance of God’s truth. Let’s be ready for His return!