Running Out of Time

   My wife ordered a few things from her favorite place (Amazon) the other day and ordered a couple of other items from specific companies. The Amazon order should arrive this week, while the other orders suggested they may be delayed in shipping because of the latter ordering date. In fact, I heard earlier this month that some companies stopped taking orders on December 4 if the customer expected delivery by December 24. Evidently, time is running out!

   I received a new insurance card for medical purposes. The older one expired – time had run out. I was reminded of other things that expire soon. Time is running out! And yes, I am presently experiencing the need to hasten the completion of this publication and the composition of sermons for this coming Lord’s Day. With other obligations demanding my time as well, time is running out!

   Someone noted today (12-9-22) that this year is quickly coming to its close. I reminded them that closure is not certain and that we live one day at a time. She replied, “True, but none of us can gain the time we’ve lost, and what appears left is in short supply.” True indeed. Time is running out!

   I muse as to how folks seem to think time here on earth is eternal. They seemingly have no conscience of God’s control of time, and the fact He has already set the “last day.” (Acts 17:31) They live as though there is no diminishing of time, except on their personal schedules. They hurry to please themselves with whatever they desire – and just have no time for God. How sad for them! While they indulge themselves with the lusts of the flesh and the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:15-17), and often complain of time running out for their earthly pleasures, they fail to realize the time they waste in frivolity that should be devoted to God and His word! Some day, time will be no more and then what will they do?

   Yes, friend, time is running out; life continues as long as time exists because life is time. We all age. We all run out of life-time! And yes, just as certainly souls will run out of time to obey God – if they don’t obey Him while time, place, and opportunity still exist! Will you obey?