Mike’s Musings …

Talents or Talents?

   The parable of the “talents” is recorded in Matthew 25: 14 – 30. Most realize the “talents” mentioned in the KJV are denarii which are coins or money. Yet, we all agree the parable is speaking of the “several abilities” of these three men (see verse 15). Thus, in the KJV “ability” means “talent” while “talent” means “coin.” I want to muse with you a bit about ABILITY instead of money from this same passage. Notice each of these men had “ability.” Only two used their “ability” and the third refused to do so, resulting in his imprisonment.

   Recently, we renewed the practice of having a man other than me speak following the Wednesday night bible study lesson. For several years, we practiced these opportunities to both encourage and initiate the development of our men’s abilities. It is a joy to see it returned, and to date, two men have taken advantage of this time. We need more to do so, as well as needing men to step forward to learn to lead singing and build upon that ability. There’s no better place to do this than before those “at home” here in Orleans. Frankly, you men that will engage in such development will find it easier than trying to do it somewhere else! Our critique will be kind, yet honest; everyone will endeavor to encourage you more each time you endeavor to complete such a task.

   Granted, public speaking isn’t a task every man can accomplish. But how do you know you can’t unless you try? Remember the parable? God commended both the five and two denarii men for the use of the coins given them. Both men gained twice what they have been given; they had been given what their abilities allowed. The man to whom only one coin was given didn’t even try! But did you notice, the Lord believed he could use righteously the one coin he had been given! What failed? The man’s willingness to try!

   “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is a good mantra when endeavoring to do what is right for God’s cause. Philippians 4:13 is an even better reality for the Christian! We encourage every man of this local work to increase his abilities by at least trying! Maybe you could begin serving communion or reading the scripture reading on Lord’s Day morning. Muse on the increase of things you could eventually do for the Lord if you accept the responsibility of your present ability and work to increase it!