Mike’s Musings …

The Study of Revelation

   The Lord willing, this coming Tuesday morning at 10:00, we will begin a study of the book of Revelation. No other book of the Bible has generated as much interest as has this book. Sadly, however, it receives very little serious study and therefore is too often used to support “news of current events” instead of the revealing of Jesus Christ (chapter 1:1). In our study of this valued book, we will examine it as it was written namely, “to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass.” (ibid.)

   The book of Revelation is written in figurative language (1:1). Because of this, and often a lack of study from Old Testament books written in figurative language like Daniel, Ezekiel, and several “minor prophets,” understanding the meaning of the symbols is mistaken. Fortunately, the Spirit permitted the writer of these “apocryphal” books to grant us the meaning of many of these symbols, if the student will read far enough into the text. For example, stars and candlesticks are mentioned early in the first chapter and defined toward the end of the chapter. The student needs to read the entire context (note 1:3). In other passages, finding the symbol in the O.T. may well permit us the definition within the N.T. It requires deep study.

   What it is NOT is a prophecy of things that are happening now! Remember the writer says, “things which must shortly come to pass.” Whether you place the dating of the letter at AD 96 (the most accepted date) or AD 63 (another accepted date), the recipients of the letter would not need to wait nearly 2000 years for its fulfillment! The only prophesy yet to be fulfilled is the return of our Lord Jesus! Nonetheless, history can and does repeat itself, just as any good bible student will note throughout the study of the Bible. Revelation is a letter that assuredly requires our readiness for the last great day – the day of judgment!

   I muse on the tremendous value of this letter! Christians need to not only read it, but they also need to study it and realize the victory promised to the faithful! Rather than fear its content, Christians should desire its content, and realize we are in “the last days” as shown within this letter. It is a letter that Christians know the ending before they know the entire letter: GOD WINS! Therefore, I muse on the senseless excuses offered by seasoned Christians for not reading and studying its content! God never gave us anything harmful to our souls! The book of Revelation is some of the best medicine for the maturing Christian we can obtain! Will you come and study with us?