Mike’s Musings …

The Children

   The horrors of war have been permitted into our homes via television. Never in the history of recording wars has so accurately been given a vivid account of the activities of evil. Among the most gruesome are the scenes of bodies being dropped into mass graves, the bleeding of pregnant women who suffered bombing in a maternity hospital, and the hundreds and hundreds of mothers with their children … and countless numbers of now orphaned children. Indeed, the children!

   For what comfort it might be to our aching hearts, our Lord assured us of the spiritual safety of the young. (Matthew 18:1 -6) As to what chronological age one must be before spiritual accountability occurs, I can only submit James 4:17 in answer. But for sake of this article, I speak of those still completely dependent upon another for their food, clothing, hygiene, and protection. We need not leave the United States to find young souls in search of loving parents. Indeed, we know several who have taken that brave and loving responsibility of adopting such children, granting them loving homes, food, clothing, education, and security that lasts into their adult ages and beyond. These are incredible parents raising incredible children. These are the epitome of complying with James 1:27.

   There is another “war” that has raged for generations and from its horrors come fatherless and orphans. It is the war against sin, and within this war are those of adult age and beyond who still have gained no protection against the weaponry of Satan’s onslaughts. Consequently, the children raised by these adults seldom learn of the evils of this warfare and believe as their parents indicate through their lives, “There’s no danger.” Morals are ignored, apathy toward God and godly things are considered expendable, and righteousness itself is considered “a choice their can made on their own if they want to.” With such an environment, these children rarely come to a knowledge of the truth, and less frequent yet is their obedience to the gospel of Christ.

   The importance of Ephesians 6:4 and Colossians 3:21 is more critical now than ever before! I muse on how well parents and grandparents are doing in complying with these passages as time continues. We grieve about the children who are victims of carnal warfare but need to be even more concerned for the children involved in the spiritual war! We marvel at the courage of the Ukrainians who fight for their freedom. I muse on the Lord’s warriors who fight the good fight of faith! (1 Timothy 6:12) If we lose the children, we lose the future. It truly is about the children … the children of God!