Mike’s Musings …

The Real Stories Behind the Legends

   Multitudes of biographies and even autobiographies have been written regarding multitudes of men and women; some accurately and many with embellishments. Thousands of books have been written about thousands of events; some accurately and some with embellishments. Consequently, legends have grown because of these writings; some accurate and many with embellishments. Let me illustrate.

   While sorting through the clippings of my grandmother’s scrapbooks several years ago, I found a newspaper clipping telling what appeared to be a true story regarding Abraham Lincoln’s immersion into Christ. Written by a gospel preacher whose name I had heard, and whose reputation (at least as presented to me) was esteemed, the story seemed not only plausible but likely. Therefore, I believed the article and shared the information with others as being “factual.” Several years later, another preacher sent me an article that contained the very one my grandmother had, but this newest article refuted the former with abundant evidence. Being a Lincoln enthusiast, my admiration of him was reduced greatly, but I must accept the facts!

   That’s why TRUTH is so much greater than fiction! There is no greater TRUTH than God’s word – the Bible! Granted, dozens of skeptics endeavor to disprove its truth, but they consistently fail when the facts are shown! Though never intended as a “science book,” the Bible cannot be disproven when TRUE science is accepted. Though not intended as a history book, when TRUE history is accepted, the Bible is shown to be very accurate. But why not? It is GOD’S word, and it is impossible for God to lie (Hebrews 6:18; Titus 1:2). Jesus is TRUTH (John 14:6) so He cannot lie! Why, then, do so many NOT BELIEVE God and His Son? May I suggest they observe these eternal Beings as “legends” instead of the real, Creator of all and the Son of God who died for the remission of our sins? Further, too many would rather believe the “legend” than become acquainted with and obedient to the REAL God and His Son, Jesus Christ. (That, of course, requires reading God’s TRUTH, studying it, believing it, and then obeying it!)

   I muse on how easy it is to believe “legends” without searching diligently for the TRUTH. I muse on how disappointing it is to find the “legends” we admired are in fact “embellished stories.” That’s why I love to read God’s word. Though it spans hundreds of years, there is not a single contradiction. Though written by several who never knew each other, and whose lives were lived centuries apart, they all agree with absolute perfection in the details. No, God is no “legend” and neither is Christ Jesus! That’s why I admire them with absolute confidence – and realize they MUST be obeyed!!