Mike’s Musings …       

The Value of History

   Admittedly, history was not a subject that thrilled me during my school years. There were minor exceptions, however. When I was thirteen or fourteen, Dad took me on an expeditionary trip to Blennerhassett Island (just south of Belpre, OH in the Ohio River). We were looking for the Blennerhassett’s original boat ramp, but instead located the original foundation stones of his mansion, his wine cellar (where we proved the fire that destroyed his mansion originated), and several other artifacts. Perhaps that generated my interest in Washington and Morgan County Ohio History; who knows for sure? Regardless, through the years my interest in history has grown and I’ve learned the value of studying it, which in turn lets me learn from it! I find reading and studying God’s word has the same result!

   With history, one can’t help but notice the ties to the present. Paul wrote of these ties when he said, “The things written aforetime were written for our learning.” (Romans 15:4) For example, learning to appreciate the struggles of Moses as he endeavored to lead and teach Israel the importance of God’s new law and encourage their obedience to it, grants us a greater appreciation for the struggles the apostles had in teaching the new law of Christ Jesus to not only Israel but to all the world! Reading this history should grant us a greater appreciation for the struggles of many in today’s world who endeavor to teach it to souls who need to obey it! Just as there was opposition then, there is now, and only if we read and understand the history of the matter will we know how to deal with the present situations of rejection toward God and His truth!

   It’s fascinating to learn how modern paths so often cross ancient paths. As Solomon said, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” (Proverbs 27:28) Have you ever located an “ancient landmark” while researching historical data in the field? Let me tell you, it’s thrilling, and you find yourself rejoicing it was still there! Such is the reason for our searching the scriptures and locating those “ancient landmarks” that assure all bible students of God’s unchanging desire for man’s salvation! It teaches us why the old ways remain the tried-and-true ways, and that “modernization” hasn’t always been beneficial to the original intent and purpose of God’s unchanging word!

   I muse on the value of history and frankly regret I failed to grasp a greater appreciation for it in earlier years. I am grateful my parents and grandparents instilled within me a fervent appreciation of God’s word and taught me to appreciate it fully, though written centuries ago. That knowledge and dedication to it is the only help we have in these modern times that can assure our righteous determination of right and wrong in all we say and do! Let’s value history by making sure we read, study, learn, and obey it! While we learn from the past, it helps us look more carefully to today – the only time of which we are assured – and walk carefully toward tomorrow with increased knowledge and awareness of what we must say and do to be righteous!