Mike’s Musings …

Three of God’s Precious Ones

   Someone said, “These things come in threes,” regarding death. Maybe they’re right. At least I know as I write this musing, three precious ladies of my acquaintance have passed into eternity.

     GENEVIEVE “JENNY” FLINN was a grand lady! I first met Jenny when I was just a small boy of six. Dad came to Indiana to preach a meeting at Pinhook, making it possible for me to meet Jenny and her husband Charlie. Little did I think that less than thirty years later, they would become two of my dearest friends in Christ! Jenny lives to be 102 years of age. Her love for God her heavenly Father, and Christ His Son and her Redeemer never faded! She had lost her sight and her hearing, but never that desire to go and be with her Lord eternally. Charlie died some thirty years before Jenny, but that love also endured in her heart!

     DELORES BUCHANON died just this past week. She was the faithful wife of Bob Buchanon, gospel preacher. Bob’s claim to fame has been traveling throughout the world to “third-world” countries with the gospel of Christ. Both he and Delores established several charitable foundations that help these brethren. Delores usually remained at home during Bob’s travels and served as his “secretary” regarding his appointments, the concerns of their various foundations, and of course, the family. She was indeed a faithful and loved Christian whose heart remained full of alms deeds which she did!

     ROSE LEE PEARL WALDEN, better known to her family and several friends and brethren as “Rosie,” passed away June 2. I have known the Walden family for more than forty years, first becoming acquainted with them during a gospel meeting at Yale, IL. I knew her in-laws well and was asked to conduct their funerals. I have stayed many times with Orval and Rosie and shared many meals in their home. Orval had served as an elder in the Lord’s church at Yale and Rosie proved to be the hospitable and supportive wife required of a diligent elder. She suffered a stroke about ten years ago and had made her home at Cumberland Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Greenup, IL since that time.

   I muse on these three precious souls. Though I didn’t know Delores as well as I knew Jenny and Rosie, I remain confident in saying each one served our Lord to the very best of their abilities! They will be missed, but as is said of Abel of old, “They being dead yet speak!” May we be listening!