Mike’s Musings …

“Unspoken” Prayers?

   Recently, I’ve noticed several requests for “unspoken prayers.” The phrase never has “set right” with me, but then I’m an old dude, and my ways and words don’t always understand this new “woke” stuff, but I truly just can’t understand what “unspoken prayer” would be!

   Oh, I know (at least I think I know) what folks requesting these prayers mean in their statement. They don’t want to inform you of the person’s name who has the need, or the need itself. Either one or both are to be “unspoken” for whatever reason. Doesn’t that make it kind of hard to be specific when you pray? You don’t know who, and you don’t even know the condition for which you pray. Worse, you don’t even know if it is a situation for which you should pray (see 1 John 5: 16 – 17). Often, these requests are “justified” by saying, “God knows, so just ask Him to care for it.” Who could disagree with that truth? But the point is, the one requesting still has to speak to God through Christ (Colossians 3:17), as that’s what prayer is! How can effectual, fervent prayer, prayers that are spiritual and with understanding, be otherwise?

   There is no such thing as “silent prayer,” We speak them in our hearts (minds) and make our requests known to God. And while we are never permitted to pray to be heard of men (Matthew 6: 1 – 4), if someone should hear us, where’s the harm if they understand we are earnest in our prayer? When prayers are audible, souls are brought to a thought of those needs and thanksgivings expressed in the prayer and can then join in asking their own petitions of God, perhaps including the same requests.

   I muse on how we express our needs in this more modern era of the English language. We should be specific, accurate, and humble in our expressions of thanks to God and our requests from Him. But “silent”? I think not! If we’re ashamed to speak it aloud, then maybe we shouldn’t be thinking about it, either! Yes, God knows our thoughts better than we do! That might be a good reason to say what we think! It might improve both our speech and thought!