Mike’s Musings …   

Watch Out for Scammers!

   I have a blocking method on my phone that allows me to block unwanted calls. While intended to block all telemarketers, the system occasionally allows calls from scammers who are simply out to steal from you! The other day, one such call came, informing me I had not paid a bill and my utility would be ended immediately unless I paid the due amount within thirty minutes. It sounded official, but as soon as I realized he was scamming me (we pay our bills on time!) I “officially” hung up!

   The ordeal caused me to muse on how often souls are scammed into believing lies! For example, a post on social media announced, “I’m saved by faith and faith only. I should have replied, “Read James 2:24 and its context.”

There are TV commercials with the son of another famed false teacher proclaiming, “Just pray this prayer and you can be saved.” I refuse to hear it and always change channels when he comes on! (I wish I knew how to talk to him face and face and show him what GOD says about salvation!) Then there are the scammers who wish to convince you that religion can be entertaining and that you need to add social events to be spiritually minded. This one entices hundreds of duped souls because of its obvious appeal to the lusts of the flesh, eyes, and pride of life. (1 John 2:15 – 17). These are all scams! They prey on the desires of the flesh instead of the true heart of man, for the sole sake of capturing their soul! (James 1:13 – 16).

   Scammers who are desiring to steal your money or even your identity are easily recognized if the mature mind simply does some thinking about their spiel. But those who tout some religious jargon are often more “polished” in their approach and, as Peter warns, “wrestle the scriptures to their own destruction” and endeavor to twist you as well into their ruin. (2 Peter 3:16) Unless we are fully cognizant of what God’s word says, and can state it to these scammers, false doctrines will capture the souls of even the very elect (Matthew 24:24), i.e., Christians – 2 Peter 2.

   I muse on how gullible some Christians are regarding the hundreds of scams propagated by liars with religious fervor! It is imperative we that who believe and know the truth retain that truth, enforce that truth, and when our brethren are overtaken in a fault against that truth, correct them (Galatians 6:1). Further, we must never think we are immune from such evils (1 Corinthians 10:12). We must consistently increase our faith (Romans 10:17) with study (2 Timothy 2:15). Let us never be scammed regarding our souls!