Mike’s Musings …       

“We Sincerely Thank You”


   Sometimes, there are statements in a man’s prayer that remain cemented in our minds because of our appreciation for what he said and why he said it. If you ever heard RANDY SOKELAND pray, you have heard this statement! It was always with graciousness, genuineness, and as he stated, “sincerity.” Sunday evening, August 6, Randy left this temporal world and entered an eternal one. While we can only judge righteous judgment (John 7:24), our observation of Randy causes our firm conviction that he now rests from his labors and that his works follow him.

   Randy was “his own man” in many ways. He lived a very humble and quiet life of contentment. He had proven his skill as a carpenter, and several in the area attribute their strongly built homes to Randy’s construction. He farmed on a small scale, but enough to feed his family. He also worked for the Orange County Highway Department, from which retired. But his greatest love was preaching the gospel of Christ! He never desired a “full-time” position but remained quite content to work with small, rural churches of Christ within driving distance of his home. Undoubtedly, most of his audiences never exceeded thirty; he would be just as content with two or three interested souls. He taught in his home. He taught in the homes of others. When gospel meetings were available, he attended with regularity. And when asked to word a prayer for such services, he never failed to tell God, “We sincerely thank you!”

   Whenever any Christian visited with Randy, even when he was hospitalized, his interest concerned Christ and the church. His bible was never far from his reach, and it was obvious he used it often and well! Few if any left him doubting his commitment to God’s truth, and his fervent understanding of that truth. Not everyone agreed with him, but few could dispute his stated scriptural reasons for his convictions. When with him, you knew you had been in a very serious bible study. He was very studious in every righteous fashion of God’s truth.

   His example is one we shall miss. His friendliness, his contentment with the simple things of life, his devotion to his family and his brethren, and his concern for his brethren’s well-being (both physical and spiritual), are traits we would do well to emulate. Maybe we didn’t tell him often enough while he lived, but God knows – Randy, ‘We sincerely thank you,” and ask God to deal gently with your soul while comforting your loving family!