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What A Deal!

   Our good brother Jim Dodson shared the following with me, having received it from a friend of his. I told Jim it was worth sharing as its sentiment is “spot on!” The late brother John Gill (Shawnee, OH church of Christ) once said, “An excuse is the skin of a reason stretched over a lie.” With that in mind, read, learn, and consider!


Excuses Eliminated!

   To make it possible for everyone to attend church next Sunday, we are going to have a special "No Excuse Sunday."

   Cots will be placed in the foyer for those who say, "Sunday is my only day to sleep in."

    There will be a special section with lounge chairs for those who feel that our pews are too hard.

   Eye drops will be available for those with tired eyes from watching TV late Saturday night.

   We will have steel helmets for those who say, "The roof would cave in if I ever came to church."

   Blankets will be furnished for those who think the church is too cold, and fans for those who say it is too hot.

   Scorecards will be available for those who wish to list all the hypocrites present. A prominent space will be allocated at the top of the card for the cardholder to write his own name down first on that list.

   Relatives and friends will be in attendance for those who can't go to church and cook dinner, too.

   We will distribute "Stamp Out Stewardship" buttons for those that feel the church is always asking for money.

   One section will be devoted to trees and grass for those who like to seek God in nature.

   Doctors and nurses will be in attendance for those who plan to be sick on Sunday.

   We will provide hearing aids for those who can't hear the preacher and cotton for those who can!