Contrary to what some might think, there are times when we preachers find time to relax. Sometimes it’s later in the evening when the day’s toil has ended, and the evening shades dim the daylight, causing a peaceful repose. Sometimes, it’s during the day, while riding a lawn mower in low gear, imagining that instead of the lawn, you’re back on the farm mowing pasture. At other times, it might be time devoted to a novel, or some history book of a particular topical interest. But yes, there are times when we preachers relax in various ways and we’re just as grateful for those times as others who find time to relax.

   One preacher used to take a “dandelion poker” (his description of the tool he used to remove dandelions from his yard, but rarely eliminating them altogether) and devote hours to walking through his yard, poking, and then lifting from their lodging those weeds. He refused to gather them up and dispose of them: leaving them to dry also seemed to assure him he would get to relax again in like fashion. One day, a neighbor’s curiosity grew too great, and they had to ask him, “What are you doing?” Without lifting his head from his task, he answered, “I’m getting my sermon.” In shock, the neighbor asked, “You’re doing what? I would think you’d need your Bible and a desk to get your sermon.” “No,” responded the preacher. “I can think while I’m relaxing. You’d be surprised how many sermons you can conjure while you’re just walking around poking at dandelions,”

   Frequently, while driving longer distances by myself, the best sermons I’ve ever uttered are spoken within the confines of my car. It’s relaxing and thought-provoking at the same time. At times, it’s a good practice in preparation for the sermon’s delivery. At other times, it’s just good study. Either way, it’s beneficial and relaxing as the thoughts refresh the soul, stir the mind by way of remembrance, and stimulate spiritual growth. 

   I muse on the dozens of ways folks relax. It is my prayer they are not doing so to the exclusion of devoting time to thinking about God and His word! You see, in everything we say or do (Colossians 3:17) meditating upon God’s word must be included (1 Timothy 4:15 – 16). And when you think about it, once we’re relaxed and calmed down from the rigors of daily living, isn’t it wonderful to know you can relax in the knowledge of God’s love, His grace, His mercy, and His guidance while you enter peaceful slumber? That, dear reader, is worth musing!