Mike’s Musings …       

What Will 2024 Hold for Us?

   No, I cannot predict the future! Every earthly hope, anticipation, desire, or even intention must be prefaced with, “If the Lord wills” (James 4:15). As some of us have witnessed even within the past few days, life itself is not assured of a tomorrow. Frankly, some will be happy to see the end of 2023, thinking surely 2024 will be much better. Perhaps. But then again, only if the Lord wills, and we faithfully adhere to His commandments to make our souls better in His sight.

   Resolutions are nothing more than lies when we fail to honor them. The best of intentions fails in misery unless accompanied by dedication toward the completion of the goal. Yet, if God will, every moment of 2024 provides an opportunity to improve our souls in His sight if we are determined to improve!

   Plans already exist for gospel meetings: one in the spring with brother Myles Hester and the other in the fall with brother David Dodd. We need not wait two or three weeks before these efforts to get ready for them. We should start now with prayers, scheduling our time to be available for these efforts, and most importantly, teaching souls the gospel to ready them for these efforts. If the Lord wills, we can have already grown by the time these efforts arrive, and then grow even more in the grace and knowledge of our Lord!

   If the Lord will, 2024 will have an abundance of opportunities for preaching and teaching. There are several of the men of our group who can preach and teach but have expressed only minimal interest in doing so, or claiming they aren’t particularly good at either work. Why not declare your desire to improve and utilize the opportunities of serving in these capacities? The same is true of wording prayers, serving at the Lord’s table, etc. Galatians 6:10 isn’t about menial service alone to those around us. It includes spiritual service as well!

   Musing on what 2024 may hold for us is a moot point. We can live but one day at a time, therefore, each day must be lived for our Lord’s service! If we accomplish that task, then we’ve accomplished all we can do in being faithful in His service (2 Peter 1: 1 – 10). While we wish all an incredibly happy new year, is it not preferable to ask God that we all grow stronger in His cause, and more faithfully work out our salvation with fear and trembling? Indeed, dear reader, we ask God’s best for each of you. But in doing so, we also muse on the need for each of us to give HIM our best! In doing so, 2024 will indeed be blessed in every righteous way!