While I Appreciate It …

   Few are the times I’ve written bulletins from a hospital bed, but it has been done! This week, I find myself in such a situation and it is not without some serious consternation that I realize the unlikeliness of being in attendance with you on the Lord’s Day. My routine is changed; my desires stifled; my abilities limited. But there are some things I can share with you readers that might be of help to you and others.

   I’m not one for visitors or even phone calls while being ill. Oh yes, I appreciate the interest, and realize it is all well intended. Your prayers especially are welcome (James 5:13 – 18). But for me, the rest of both body and mind are valuable and frankly, needed. Our faith in God’s attention to our needs is the most advantageous of all help. For me, your best help is prayer … regardless of the illness!

   I’m a “personal” guy: I don’t like sharing personal information. While I appreciate your interest, some things are just TMI for others to know! God knows, the immediate family knows, and that’s enough. Again, prayers are the best medicine as doctors, nurses and even the aides around here need your requests to God that they (and I) give and receive the best care!

   While we appreciate it, we as husband and wife don’t need a lot of attention. It might sound odd, maybe is odd, but we much prefer being the givers instead of the receivers. We’d much prefer fussing over you than having you fuss over us.

   While we appreciate it, expressions of concern for our needs are, in our opinion, best expressed in increased involvement with Christ and His church. For the men, your increased involvement in teaching, preaching, leading singing, prayers, and comments at the table are more important than my physical situation. For the women, your increased interest in teaching children, preparing communion, caring for the building’s cleanliness, etc., are much more important than taking over the cooking and cleaning at our house.

   I muse on how loving and caring you all are about us! I know it is genuine and abundant! God is not forgetful of your efforts either (Hebrews 6:19). I just felt a need to help you understand where best to place your efforts of love! Thanks again!