Mike’s Musings ….

Writing About Your Father

   This past week, I met with two preachers, one of whom also publishes books. We discussed the possibilities of publishing several sermons compiled by the late J.C. Roady. He suggested I might add a biography of brother Roady, but I submitted that such a task is very difficult as there is a marked absence of documented information regarding his life. He then shocked me! He asked, “And why don’t you consider writing a biography of your dad and include some of his sermons? I’m sure there would be an interest in such a work!” I was humbled and yet honored. But …

   I’ve given it some thought and indeed mused of that possibility several times. I have the documentation to compile a rather extensive biography, and I’ve certainly enough of dad’s sermons to complement the volume. But what a task! Emotionally, could I accomplish it? Could I avoid a bias and include some of his more difficult struggles in preaching the truth? And if ever finished, would such a work include all that should be known rather than all that could be known of my dad? And then I mused …

   The Bible speaks fluently, glowingly, and emphatically of our Father in Heaven. Yet it required Inspiration to write of Him (Heb. 1:1-2; 2 Pet. 1:23). They wrote unerringly. They wrote to inform all mankind of Jehovah God without bias. They wrote to convince the readers of truth and righteousness. They wrote without contradiction. Could that same accuracy and demeanor be expressed of any earthly human, regardless of the author’s love and adoration for the subject, without mistake?

   The point I make is this: have you ever considered the eternal HONOR given to those men who, by God’s permission and guidance by the Spirit, wrote all we have regarding the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnibenevolence of God? And while it is an honor to even contemplate the composition of a biography of one’s earthly father, it is incomprehensible to describe the immeasurable responsibility and honor of writing God’s word!

   Therefore, the honor of READING it is equally beyond description! Yet more so, the dignity of OBEYING it, for in doing so, we become His children (Romans 8), able to speak with confirmation of our Father in Heaven, and His only begotten Son who died for the remission of our sins! I muse on that reality, dear reader, more than any other honor known to man! This is what Paul meant when he commended Corinth (2 Corinthians 3:2-3). Muse on that reality!